RIM 1230

The introductory Commercial Musicianship course in the Recording Industry department at MTSU is course number RIM 1230. The course presume no previous musical experience, although most students who enter the course have some musical background. Students with no prior musical experience are encouraged to take a piano class concurrently with RIM 1230. The course generally covers the first half of The Practice of Popular Music, which spans Chapters 1 through 32 (and thus Parts 1 through 4), although some topics are slightly glossed over as compared to others. Generally speaking, the course covers diatonic harmony, major and minor keys and scales, simple diatonic intervals, typical song form and sections, simple and compound meters, and rhythm notation through basic sixteenth-note patterns. Listed below are the course materials from previous versions of the course taught at MTSU.

Fall 2024


Spring 2024

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